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Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer and Professional Motivational Speaker on Personal Power & Leadership

Topics: Management, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Business Leadership, Business Growth, Inspirational Leadership, Peak Performance and Self-Motivation

Booking Fee Range: $3,000 – $5,000

Speaker Travels From: Brooklyn, New York

“For over 10 years, I have helped people expand their focus by teaching them to authentically see themselves, their relationships and their work. I assist people in the mastery of their present reality and the crafting of their future.

What is your reason for being? The more you know about your purpose the more you assist others in honoring it and the more meaningful your relationship with others will become. If you are living in purpose and meeting people in this manner the freer you are to interact with them in a way that honors their purpose (even if they don’t know their purpose).

You are an authentic human being living a purpose-driven life! You will not only make a difference  . . .  you will “be” the difference.”

Recognized as a rising star entrepreneur, Ted Crawford’s message is shaped by his  youth experiences in Brooklyn, New York, his relationships with family and his professional sales career. He has a proven track record in entertainment-company management and organizational development. He has managed people, products and businesses with the same passion he exhibits for his family and friends.

Ted believes in serving his clients, customers and employees with world-class service and uncompromised loyalty. Ted’s skill sets were developed through his experience as a corporate executive, training director, entrepreneur, commercial Realtor, real estate investor, meeting planner and entertainment industry executive. He has researched and field tested his success strategies through numerous companies with outstanding results.

Ted is a graduate of State University College at Oswego with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.

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